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Design plans are fundamental to our quotations. A design is developed & tailored to your needs, expectations & aspirations, suited to the project context.

The design plans & information in the slide gallery above are a representative sample of the plans we produce for our clients as part of our initial quotation.

Slide gallery contents:
   Decking ideas & design plans 
   Pergola ideas & design plans
   Carport, gazebo ideas & design plans
   Balcony ideas & design plans
   Verandah ideas & design plans
We hope you will find some inspiration or ideas for your new alfresco or patio project while looking through these design plans.

Project design plans

Please contact us even if the outdoor project you have in mind may not require design input. We are just as happy to build a small rectangular deck as anything more complicated!

For further background on design ideas & criteria refer to our project picture gallery & information pages:

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Modern deck & pergola design plan addresses street appeal

Project design plans & ideas

This modern deck & pergola design was our response to the clients looking to smarten up the street appeal of their home, as well as providing for outdoor entertaining & family living better suited to their internal layout - the home's living areas face the street.
Backyard renovation masterplan for sloping site: courtyard deck with twin raking skillion roofs, BBQ bench & recess, wide decked steps, screened utility area, hipped roof double carport, lawn area, decking board linings to face & top of new garden retaining walls.
Backyard renovation masterplan
Plan of intersecting gable roofed verandah with deck expands entertaining area
"T" shaped deck & verandah with intersecting gable roofs. The section next to the home replaces an existing skillion roof, with new decking over the concrete slab. The central bay provides a more generous entertaining area, & brings the garden inwards.
Design plan for multi-level deck & verandah for awkward, sloped site
Our solution for a multi-level deck & verandah for an awkward, sloped site, replacing a narrow timber deck & verandah. The lower deck enjoys the sunshine, while the upper provides shelter.  Screening is required to comply with overlooking regulations.
Design plan for double caport & verandah unifies street frontage of weatherboard home
Replacement verandah to front porch extends to connect with new double carport. The gable end has decorative infill panels & timber fretwork frieze that continues across verandah, as a unifying element  to improve the weatherboard homes street appeal.
Deign plan for heritage style double carport to blend with weatherboard home
Heritage style double carport designed to blend with weatherboard home. Combination hip & gable roof, required integration into existing verandah. Roof pitch, fascia & gutter, & turned posts match original. The posts were specially turned out of 135x135 LOSP pine.
Design plan to provide for multi-purpose outdoor living on a steep site with angled boundary
Our solution to provide an integrated design for outdoor living on a steep site with angled boundary. Upper deck & verandah extends family rm living area outdoors, continuing with lower deck & steps providing connection to swimming pool & existing gazebo.
Design plan for deck & garden pergola for small outdoor area
Deck & garden pergola for small outdoor area. Pergola timber is Monterey Cypress, stained to match the merbau decking, handrail & baseboarding. Deck level was set to  avoid additional screening required by overlooking regulations.
Balcony & gable verandah design plan, re-orients outdoor living for more privacy
Balcony & gable verandah replaces an existing dilapidated deck, re-oriented to better address private open space, with stair to connect to carport. Verandah side beam is connected to existing roof rafters using special brackets slotted through fascia.
Balcony, skillion verandah & stair design plan for first floor of rear of shop & dwelling
Balcony, skillion verandah & stair design for the rear of an old shop on a bent, awkward site. It provides another means of escape from the upper floor, inner city views & an area for outdoor living for the home above the shop occupied by the owners.
Design plan for new gable verandah & deck extension in same style of sprawling colonial home
A new gable verandah & deck extension was added to the existing verandah, in the same decorative style of this sprawling colonial home. All decking was replaced, with a new deck added to the west, connecting the main bedroom with the rest of the verandah.
Double gable verandah & deck design plan, with roof integrated into existing
A new double gable verandah & deck requiring demolition of a small portico, & integration into the existing roof. The picket balustrade & gable end are in  style of the older  home. Deck level matches the family room to extend indoor living space to the outside.
Design plan for gable verandah featuring rotunda shaped end, with new deck
This design replaces a skillion verandah in a bad state of repair, & features a "rotunda" shaped end to match the home's bay windows. Existing posts were retained, with custom post brackets for extra height. New decking is built over existing patio paving.
Traditional style 8-sided gazebo design plan, with deck
Design for a traditional style, 8-sided gazebo with deck. The octagonal spire block/finial allows for practical fixing of 8 intersecting rafters. Pre-primed LOSP H3 framing allows for accurate workanship & neat joints, particularly important in  geometric structures.
Bullnose verandah, new deck & picket balustrade
A small concrete porch & awning was replaced by a new bullnose verandah, deck & wide steps. It features decorative columns, corner brackets & picket balustrade. It was designed to improve street appeal & ease of access to the front door.
Decorative balcony & verandah
A sunshade awning integrates the otherwise separate central & end verandah elements, to provide a cohesive architectural solution across the facade. It incorporates decorative features including rafter ends, finials, post capitols & brackets.
Cantilevered beam ends to special post stirrups, & the absence of the usual beam across the posts give this verandah a contemporary look. Half of the verandah is tinted polycarbonate roofing, with the other half colorbond with WR plasterboard ceiling.
Modern skillion verandah
An awkardly shaped skillion verandah & deck are replaced by a more useable, coherently shaped structure, including stepped gable verandah with primed pine ceiling lining. It extends & enhances the family's current outdoor living experience.
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Inspiring designs for your new alfresco or patio project