Quality carports designed & built to improve your home's street appeal

Carport Design

Development of a carports design will take into account some, or all of these criteria:
Accomodation & height requirements
Possible extension to & integration into the home's form
Architectural style of the homeo a connecting space
Physical constraints, eg. shape of home & land, easements
Structural limitations
Building regulations
Except for large homesites, the location of the carport will be limited by the space available convenient to the homes entry, either attached or free-standing. Care must be taken to ensure the carport enhances the home's street appeal.

Gazebo Design

A gazebo is a free-standing verandah, that is, an unattached, open sided roofed structure.

Gazebos are often used as a garden feature, for outdoor living separate from the home, or as a gathering point in common areas of residential developments. A gazebo associated with a swimming pool is called a cabana.

A gazebo is not necessarily designed to match the architectural style of the home, it may be a "folly", although where it is close to the home, blending in with the homes style would remain important.

Like verandahs, gazebos provide for all-weather outdoor entertaining or leisure activities.

Like verandahs, carport & gazebo roofs may be:
Skillion - flat, with a min. fall of 2°
Gable - triangular, with vertical ends
Hipped - triangular,  sloping (hip) ends
Dutch gable - hipped end with feature gable
The pictures in our carport & gazebo project gallery above show the diverse range of styles, roof shapes &  geometries we are able to build for our clients.

Carport & Gazebo Construction

For details of carport & gazebo construction refer to our Pergola & Verandah page, taking into account the following "definiitons" consistent with the BCA:

A carport attached to the home may be considered as a verandah for vehicles, & they share the same construction criteria, despite their different functions.

A carport not attached to the home, & a gazebo are equivalent structures, except that a gazebo often has 6 or more sides. This makes the roof framing more complicated, but the structural principles & requirements, and choice of materials remain the same.

There are some special building regulations only applicable to carports relating to setbacks & fire separation. For example, a carport can be built to the boundary without a fire rated wall, provided 1/3 of the perimeter is open.

Refer to our Legal page for more information.

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